BERG Grand Elite Regular & Deluxe Safety Net or DLX XL

BERG Trampoline

BERG Grand Elite Regular & Deluxe Safety Net or DLX XL

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BERG Trampoline

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The BERG  Grand Elite has been developed with great attention and care. This resulted in a qualitative excellent trampoline, which is safe to use. It does not matter which one you choose, you choose quality with a BERG Elite. The BERG Elite is cleverly designed for long and safe jumping. The combination of the TwinSpring Gold springs and the AirFlow jumping technique ensures less air resistance, a larger jump area and more jumping fun! The protective edge is of extreme good quality.

  • The oval shape combines the efficient strength of a round frame with the large jumping surface of a rectangular trampoline. On an oval trampoline you can make some nice jumps over the entire length.
  • The center pieces of the padding consist of a long gapless design. The padding can be folded and fitted inside the
    packaging box when a small piece of foam is taken out. The piece of foam needs to go back into the padding during assembly. The gapless design has less wrinkles and a much smoother look.
  • Large protective overlap over the springs.
  • The protective edge is made of the highest quality PVC and has a UV-resistant protective layer.
  • The Elite padding has an extremely long lifespan which keeps it’s good looks 2-3 times longer than a Champion padding.
  • The adhesion of the PVC material to the polyester mesh inside is up to 50% better than on the Champion padding.  Because of this, the material is much less prone to delamination.
  • The canvas is finished with a glossy coating to provide a luxurious appearance. The coating not only looks nice, but it has a purpose because of the UV-blockers it contains. The glossy surface finish reflects the light and UV instead of absorbing it, which makes the canvas better resistant to decoloration and degradation caused by the influence of UV light.
  • The Elite padding fits super tight around the trampoline. This helps preventing wrinkles and always looks nice and tidy. The design of the padding has a much tighter fitting than the one on the Champion models. It takes almost twice as long as the Champion padding to sew the parts together to achieve the tight fitting. The tight fitting is achieved by first stitching the canvas segments together and than filling it with the foam parts by hand.
  • The padding has an extra flange on the inner edge that is there to make sure the padding always lays flush with the jumping mat and to prevent gaps in between the jumping mat and the padding.
  • The frame of the Elite trampolines has a very long lifespan. This is due to the large tube diameter of 42 mm and the wall thickness of 2 mm. In addition, the frame has a solid zinc layer and the legs of the Regular trampolines even have a protective black powder coat. The frame is therefore extra rust resistant.
  • For additional safety select the Safety Net DLX XL at 2.2m high this is the highest available net

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