Mountain Clubhouse

Home Front Commercial Climbing Frame

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Mountain Clubhouse

£3,612.60 incl. VAT

Home Front Commercial Climbing Frame


For an impressive playground, our fabulous Mountain Clubhouse incorporates two play decks; one at 1.5m and one at 2.1m connected by an internal mini ladder. The top deck can be kept completely closed in for security or it can feature a gigantic spiral slide. The lower deck can be fitted with all sorts of play accessories including slide, ladder, cargo net, rock wall etc – or it can join onto other clubhouses via a bridge or monkey bar connector.

Footprint is 1.5m x 3m and the top of the roof reaches just under 4m

This tower can easily have a Jungle added to the other side of the main tower giving two ways up to the top 2.1m platform, but maintaining a smaller footprint of 1.5m x 4.5m

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