Tic Tac Toe Panel

Jungle Gym Climbing Frame Add-on

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Tic Tac Toe Panel

£67.23 incl. VAT

Jungle Gym Climbing Frame Add-on


This climbing frame accessory is a colourful game for the whole family, that introduces tactical and strategic skills into playtime. This is a popular playground game for two players and Tic Tac Toe introduces the concepts of winning and losing and plays an important role in social development. This product can be placed instead of the wooden bars. Our high performance outdoor materials can be left outside year-round, hassle-free, no matter what climate you call home. Similar products for extra fun are the Bucket or StarOscope™.

Made of UV-stabilized HDPE outdoor material
Yellow design along with blue noughts and red crosses
The product is included with hardware

All Jungle Gym climbing frame accessories and materials are manufactured in accordance with the most recent European requirements, tested by Dekra and awarded with the GS certification for tested safety.

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2 years