Mountain Adventurer Clubhouse

Home Front Climbing Frame Base

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Mountain Adventurer Clubhouse

£2,200.00 incl. VAT

Home Front Climbing Frame Base


The Mountain Adventurer will appeal to all the most adventurous mountaineers and rock climbers in the family. Featuring a clever inter-connecting 2 deck system (one at 1.5m and one at 2.1m) these gyms are BIG

In the Mountain range, with its split level platform, to create a bespoke play centre you will need to start with a tower.

The  base clubhouse features 2 tough vinyl tent tops, generous 1.2m x 1.2m playdecks and 4 walls which can be solid or slatted timber.

You can then add a number of Add Ons to create your own design

As this range is modular – it is very easy to add or subtract elements – we would be very happy to reprice or help you design your own package

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