Jungle Adventurer Clubhouse

Home Front Climbing Frame Base

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Jungle Adventurer Clubhouse

£1,100.00 incl. VAT

Home Front Climbing Frame Base


One of our most popular ranges of jungle gyms, the Jungle Adventurer range has a 1.5m high deck and an excellent range of challenging and fun accessories. You can choose one of the standard packages or you can build your own system.

The base clubhouse for the Jungle Adventurer range features a tough vinyl tent top, a generous 1.2m x 1.2m playdeck and 2 walls which can be solid or slatted timbern the Jungle range with its 1.5m high platform.

Tto create a bespoke play centre you will need to start with a tower.

You can then add a number of Add Ons to create your own design.

As this range is modular – it is very easy to add or subtract elements – we would be very happy to reprice or help you design your own package.

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